Thursday, November 10, 2005

clay feet

The blogs of Michael Berube and Chris Clarke are pretty much what got me into reading blogs. Both authors are very smart, well-informed, and write beautifully. I knew from the get-go that they were both a bit more Liberal than me, but I figured if anyone could save me, and make me see the light, it’d be them. Now that I’ve commented at both their sites, I’ve come away disappointed by both responses. Yeah, I know, they’re busy guys and all that, but despite professing to like dissenting commenters, I get the impression that both of them would rather preach to the choir than to explain things to dullards like me. And if I were the only one, well then, who could blame them for not wanting to waste their time? Thing is, once in a while I feel like there’re a lot of people like me out there: neither blue nor red, without enough time to keep politically up to date on everything, having opinions, but amenable to reasonable argument. Now I feel that if these guys can’t or won’t explain stuff to me, then I’m on my own, again. The hope was fun while it lasted, but I suppose things are as they should be.


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