Saturday, November 12, 2005

blogging narcissism

Why am I blogging? Good bloggers are smart, have a creative urge, and write well. None of these apply to me. Poking around on other blogs, I do get the impression that blogging can often simply be an exercise in narcissim, sometimes astoundingly so, but I think I have some actual reasons. First, when it comes to politics, I don’t feel represented by either Liberal or Conservative blogs. I might be a Libertarian, but I’m not quite sure: the Wikipedia page on Libertarianism is a bit, um, too convoluted for me. Anyway, many partisan blogs seem willing to say anything to get their people in power, using a kind of “the end justifies the means” attitude. Screw that: I’m still naive enough to love the beauty of truth and justice. I know perfect impartiality has been disproved by the critical theory crowd, but I think that too often has provided a pretext to throw in the towel and not try to weigh arguments objectively. (I have to say, I feel myself to be pretty darn objective about a lot of things; not sure why.) Second, I have a lot of unpopular opinions, and sometimes I can’t decide if lots of people think the same way as I do and just don’t say so, or if I’m really a freak. Either way, I wouldn’t mind meeting a couple of like minded people. Third, because I know my opinions are unpopular, I am especially keen on subjecting them to argument. For example, I support the Iraq war for pretty much the same reasons that Christopher Hitchens does. Liberal rebuttals to him on this all seem to be either incoherent or ad hominem (yes, I saw the Galloway debate and read the Juan Cole refutation). Fifth, I would like to write better, and I reckon forcing myself to write will improve my skills in this area. We’ll see about that.


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