Saturday, November 05, 2005


On the middle wall of the south hall at midnight:

身是菩提樹 心如明鏡臺 時時勤拂拭 勿使惹塵埃
Shenxiu 神秀 (605-706), head disciple

Several days later, by proxy, on the west hall:

菩提本無樹 明鏡亦非臺 本來無一物 何處惹塵埃
Huineng 慧能 (638-713), cook's apprentice

digable graffiti.

body is the enlightenment tree
mind like the bright-mirror stand
often and diligently wipe:
do not allow the settling of dust!

enlightenment originally had no tree
the bright-mirror likewise has no stand
never has there been a single thing:
where is the settling of dust?


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